Charlie's Car Wash (behind Charleston Suzuki)
Open 24 Hours a day / 7 Days a Week / 365 Days a Year

Located behind Charleston Suzuki at 7010 MacCorkle Ave, S.W., St. Albans, WV.  Charlie's Car Wash is the nicest car wash around.  

Equiped with The Best Equipment in The Business the Istobal Car Wash Systems M9+ In Bay Automatic
Istobal has introduced the M+ line of automatic roll over’s designed for cleaning the full range of USA cars and trucks with heights up to 7' 4". 
The M9+ Whisper Wash
An automatic rollover with three amp sensing electronically controlled & driven Carlite modules for soft, gentle yet thorough cleaning. The M9 is perfect for individual or fleet washing applications, The M9+ Whisper Wash comes with counter rotating wheel scrubbers, vehicle positioning system and your choice of contouring whisper quiet energy efficient stand alone dryers. The M9+ Whisper Wash can be equipped with all industry standard options such as tri color foam, high pressure wheel and rocker blasters, spot free rinse, splash guards, on board displays and undercarriage wash.  The M9+ can wash up to 25 cars per hour. 

In addition to ensuring your car looks great every time you visit, we offer detailing services. 

We offer fleet discounts, loyalty cards that allow you to earn Free Washes!

We are also, very proud to offer Fundraising opportunities for any group! 

A commercial car wash only uses 37 gallons of water on average for each car. Driveway washers use 80-100 gallons of water on average for each car and can take up to an hour. The typical Full Serve car wash takes just 15 minutes.  We recycle water.